The Latino Integrative Nutrition Initiative (LINI) supports U.S. Hispanic family members, especially those at high risk, to:

  • Optimize health outcomes through food, nutrition, and healthy Hispanic living
  • Access, use, and enjoy the right foods & fitness, at the right times, in the right ways
  • Reverse the negative consequences of malnutrition including pediatric and adult obesity


  • Create awareness of key issues
  • Link people, tools, and resources
  • Distribute culturally relevant information
  • Empower U.S. Hispanic community solutions
  • Develop and extend cultural competency of Hispanic providers and caregivers


  • Focus on infants and older adults
  • Connect consumers, health  professionals, and organizations
  • Address food, fitness, and nutrition issues within a family context
  • Enable healthy Hispanic living at home and in the community
  • Foster access to affordable healthy foods, products, and services
  • Celebrate Hispanic healthy foodways for nourishment and an improved quality of life