Family & Friends

It is evident that Hispanic youth are at the highest risk for obesity, which can carry into adulthood and increase the risk for diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol, sleep problems, and other disorders.

With support and tools from LINI, family and friends can help Hispanic mothers realize they may be feeding their babies too much, too soon, or the wrong kinds of foods. Understanding that chubby babies are not healthier than lean babies is a key concept that needs to be communicated and understood so infants can lead a healthy life from the start.

Here’s how family and friends can participate in the LINI movement

  1. Celebrate special events in unique and healthy ways. For example, add more dancing to your next family gathering!
  2. Plan healthy meals as a family and let your children pick out a new vegetable to try at the grocery store.
  3. Create a healthy home environment by limiting screen time, including TV, for the whole family.
  4. Active on social networks? Guide family and friends to follow our blog.